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The video newsmagazine for the towns of the upper Androscoggin River Valley

Here are the current editions of Today River Valley and talking points

We now have two programs: the original Today River Valley, and a new panel discussion show, Talking Points

The shows can be seen on WPME-TV, every Sunday morning at 8 am and every Saturday night at 11:30 pm

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Here's the May, 2016 edition of Today River Valley

In this edition:

* A two-part look at the attempt by towns all over the state of Maine to pull

out of their school districts.  What's behind this outburst of

secessionism? Local and state officials explain.

* Excerpts from a speech given by Governor Paul LePage during a

town hall visit he made to Mexico, Maine earlier this spring.

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Here's the April, 2016 edition of Talking Points:

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